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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

In a world where environmental consciousness is gaining paramount importance, the significance of green coatings cannot be overstated.

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Green Coating ENCASEMENT, like those offered by GEI (Global ENCASEMENT, Inc.), are not just about aesthetics; they're a profound commitment to safeguarding our planet and the well-being of our communities.

These coatings not only protect and defend surfaces but restore buildings, stopping removal and replacement along with the generation of harmful waste.

In addition, simply managing asbestos, lead based paint and other solid hazardous materials safely in place for long term, especially exterior is something that weak paint or cheap encapsulants can't handle.

Join me as I unravel the incredible characteristics that make a coating truly green.

1. Zero to Low VOCs: A Breath of Fresh Air

Picture a world where the air we breathe is free from harmful chemicals.

This vision becomes a reality with coatings boasting zero to low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Not only do they enhance indoor air quality, but they also protect our children and elderly, who are most vulnerable to the harmful effects of VOCs.

2. Ozone Depleting Substances: Preserving Our Fragile Shield

Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) pose a grave threat to our planet's protective ozone layer.

Green coatings take a resolute stance against ODS, ensuring they remain where they belong and don't wreak havoc on our environment.

3. Non-Toxic Marvels: A Kinder, Greener World

Non-toxic coatings are true heroes, as they contain no harmful ingredients or side effects for both people and the environment.

Choosing these coatings is a pledge to create a safer world for all.

4. Water-Based Wonders: Cleaning Up with a Splash

Water-based coatings are not just gentle on the environment; they're also easy to clean up.

With water as their main ingredient, they make for a sustainable and environmental choice.

5. Biodegradable Beauties: Nature's Allies

In the realm of green coatings, biodegradability is the name of the game.

These coatings break down and decay naturally, posing no harm to the environment.

They play nicely with Mother Nature.

6. Sustainable Champions: Withstanding the Test of Time

A true green coating is sustainable and resilient.

It withstands the test of time, enduring both natural and man-made elements.

It transforms weak surfaces into tough, durable ones capable of withstanding abuse.

7. Renewable Saviors: A Second Chance for Surfaces

When a coating is renewable, it means it can be recoated at the end of its life cycle, adhering to itself for another service cycle.

Also, restoring surfaces that in the past would be removed and replaced.

This prolongs the life of surfaces and reduces waste.

8. Class A Fire Rated: Guardian Against Flames

Green coatings with a Class A fire rating don't support combustion.

They uphold the fire rating and building codes of the surfaces they protect, making them indispensable for safety.

They also don’t release anything toxic if they are in a fire or burned.

9. Waterproof Defenders: Shielding Against the Elements

The ability to stop the penetration of water is a defining feature of green coatings.

They stand strong against severe weather, heavy rain, flooding, and high wind events.

10. Breathable Protectors: Vital for Historic Restoration

Breathable coatings support outgassing and moisture vapor transmission.

This is crucial, especially for the restoration and protection of historic properties, as they prevent the permanent trapping of damaging moisture.

11. Unyielding Against the Elements: The Ultimate Defense

Green coatings are your fortress against impact, abuse, and chemical aggression.

They withstand long-term wear and tear, guarding surfaces against damage caused by elements like wind, rain, fire, rot, mold, mildew, UV rays, and chemicals.

They are scrubbable and ready for frequent washdowns.

12. Flexibility Unleashed: Dancing with the Elements

Buildings move, expand, contract, and vibrate with changing temperatures.

Green coatings with superior flexibility and elongation move in harmony with these shifts, preventing cracks and breakdown.

Your Coating, Your Choice: Backed by Testing and Approvals

You hold the power to choose the right coating for your needs.

Judge the coatings you choose by checking testing and approvals.

This ensures you're making an informed and responsible choice, protecting both your loved ones and the planet.

With the incredible characteristics of green coatings, you can create a world that's not only beautiful but also sustainable and safe.

GEI’s Green Coatings ENCASEMENT with over 30 years of a proven, worldwide track record leads the way in this green revolution, offering coatings that protect the planet and your loved ones.

In future blogs all go further into the explanation of all these individual qualities so stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s the recap:

Zero to Low VOCs: Protect your loved ones and the environment with coatings that minimize harmful emissions.

No Ozone Depleting Substances: Choose coatings that safeguard the ozone layer and the planet.

Non-Toxic Formulas: Coatings with no harmful ingredients for a safer, greener world.

Water-Based Solutions: Green coatings that clean up easily with water.

• Biodegradability: Naturally breaking down without harming the environment.

• Sustainability & Longevity: Endure the test of time against natural elements.

• Renewable Coatings: Extend the life of surfaces and reduce waste.

• Class A Fire Rating: Ensuring safety and compliance with building codes.

• Waterproof Protection: Shield against severe weather and water damage.

• Breathable Coatings: Crucial for historic restoration, preventing moisture damage.

• Resilient Against Elements: Defend surfaces against wear, tear, and chemicals.

Flexibility & Elongation: Prevent cracks and breakdown due to structural movements.

Backed by Testing: Make informed choices by requesting testing and approvals.

Join us in the journey toward a greener, healthier future and contact us today.

“Being green and clean is not just an aspiration but an action” Christine Pelosi


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