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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The first time I read Stephen Covey’s book, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People," was back in the early nineties. I immediately related to how this would be applied to my business and personal life. Since then, I have often thought how the habits apply to our tag line at GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.: “Why Replace? Just Encase!” So I thought I’d simply spell out how most of the 7 Habits could be applied to Green Coating Encasement with GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. Coatings.

Habit 1: Be Proactive.
Take simple defensive actions to protect your buildings, property and the people in them before destruction and deterioration can occur. Do this to protect against day-to-day breakdown from typical weatherization, increasingly stronger storms, and the damage they can cause. Also, seal in hazardous materials such as Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, PCB’s, and such before people become exposed.

Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind.
Starting with installing sustainable coatings that can be easily renewed at the end of their service life is an important aspect of Green Coatings Encasement.

Not removing and replacing existing materials that generate a tremendous amount of waste is also thinking with the end in mind and another consequential characteristic of restoring and preserving buildings with Green Coatings Encasement.

Habit 3: Put First Things First
The first thing you need to do is evaluate your situation to determine the best solution and approach to protect your building, which in return will protect the building occupants and their contents.

Habit 4: Think Win/Win:
Protect your building and the environment, adhering to the three parts of sustainability: People, Planet & Profit. All three of these parts of the sustainability model clearly point to an overall win, win.

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. Habit 6: Synergies
Habits 5 and 6 blend perfectly well together. Seeking to understand, then to be understood leads to synergies. Understanding the needs of the individual situation, client requirements and project challenges is a critical aspect before explaining how those issues can be simply addressed case-by-case with Green Coatings Encasement. Once you have a grasp of all the facts and particulars of the situation, you can convey a solid plan to be implemented that satisfies all objectives.

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw
This last habit was a tough one to apply to Green Coatings Encasement. I would say that any coatings installation needs to be periodically checked to ensure that they are intact and doing what they were installed to do.

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