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Tuesday, May 07, 2024

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Regenerative businesses are looking to restore, revive and bring new life to communities, industries and people that are struggling.

It's actually much more than just a buzzword - these mission-driven brands tackle major social and environmental problems head on.

In this episode I explain how to think of regenerative companies as a multi-tiered cake - it's layer upon layer of positive impact, which makes the whole package enticing.

Being regenerative isn't just a pet project or separate division - it's baked into every fiber of the organization.

Believes like environmental footprint, sustainability, and regenerative design are at the forefront from the very beginning.

Every single department and workflow considers the wider impact on people and planet.

Regenerative companies rethink waste completely, striving to be zero-waste or even restorative organizations that regenerate the environment instead of destroying it.

Product lifecycles are re-envisioned as circular rather than linear.

Packaging is minimized or made from renewable materials.

Manufacturing processes are redesigned to reduce emissions and energy/water usage.

A prime example is how regenerative companies approach surfaces and coatings.

Rather than conventional paints and treatments that can be toxic and degrading, they utilize eco-friendly alternatives that actually restore and reinvigorate the substrate.

Global Encasement, Inc. (GEI) is a pioneer in this "green coatings" space.

For over 30 years Global Encasement's flagship products have provided lasting protection for concrete, wood, metal and other surfaces using advanced science and natural chemistry.

Unlike typical weak paints that start degrading as soon as they're applied, these coatings form a powerful, monolithic protective layer that is non-toxic, waterproof, chemically resistant, and stretches with the substrate to prevent cracking or chipping.

This long-term durability translates into major sustainability benefits.

Surfaces protected with GEI Coatings can have a functional 20 year lifespans, 3 to 7 times longer than painted alternatives, eliminating the need for repeated re-coatings that waste materials and money.

The coatings contain zero to low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and utilize non-hazardous components to create a safer working environment during installation.

On renovation projects, Global Encasement, Inc's coatings can restore and extend the life of existing assets rather than requiring demolition and reconstruction - dramatically reducing the environmental footprint.

Being biodegradable when structures do eventually reach the end of their life, the coatings can be easily recycled along with the substrate.

By revolutionizing how we think about coatings and surfaces, Global Encasement allows property owners and managers to "future-proof" their assets while advancing the regenerative model.

It's a key example of how businesses can improve the world by incorporating sustainability into their core products and processes.
The future is regenerative!

“With our support, regeneration can become the predominant direction of the future evolution of this planet.” - Christiana Figures - Costa Rican Diplomat, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

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