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Thursday, February 01, 2024

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Do you find yourself exhausted and frustrated with the never-ending cycle of repainting your building or home every few years?

There is a game-changing new opportunity with the right green coatings that you may not have known existed.

Have you ever questioned if the paint you're using truly protects against the relentless forces of storms and harsh weather?

Have you ever wondered what the short and long term ecological impacts are to using environmentally damaging, weak paints and cheap encapsulants .

The same cheap and unfriendly coatings that quickly fail in a few short years.

If you're nodding along, just as I once did, then you're in for a pleasant surprise.

In this episode I discuss how I too struggled with the disappointment of seeing my hard work on a painting project fade away and fail within a few short years.

Climbing 30 feet on an extension ladder, scraping and sanding, only to face the same task again – it was disheartening.

Even when I used the the most expensive and highly rated paints in the market, which I always did.

But what if I told you I found a simple solution that goes beyond mere looks and offers lasting protection?

In my research I found traditional paints are deliberately made for cosmetic touch-ups, not for surface protection or enduring defense needed for exteriors facing brutal weather assaults.

Typical paints are made to fail, so you have to keep buying and reapplying over and over again.

The real game-changer lies in understanding that a 20-year solution exists, saving you not just money but also precious time and effort.

While at the same time protecting and defending your property against the brutal attack from severe weather which typical weak paints and cheap encapsulants are not really meant to do.

This again is a deliberate strategy also known as “planned obsolescence”.

Imagine the satisfaction of investing in a project once and watching it stand the test of time.

I crunched the numbers and discovered that repeatedly repainting every few years not only drains your wallet but also comes with hidden indirect costs.

The wear and tear on your property, the inconvenience of preparation, and the discomfort of having strangers around – all add up.

Consider this: If you spend $2,500 on a paint job every seven years, you're looking at $28,625 over two decades, thanks to inflation.

But with the right solution, over a 20 year period of time you could be saving over $52,000 while enjoying peace of mind and environmental benefits.

Speaking of the environment, do you worry about the harmful effects of conventional paints, the smelly VOCs, and their negative impact on health?

Or how about the generation, transportation and storage of unwanted waste in our overflowing landfills due to having to remove and replace building materials long before their time because typical paint left these surfaces unprotected.

All this removed and replaced trash now stored in limited landfills, sometimes taking centuries to break down.

The whole time releasing harmful CO2 emissions while also contributing to standing and groundwater contamination while causing air pollution to local communities and neighborhoods.

I can relate.

That's why I embarked on a journey to find a long-lasting, eco-friendly alternative – a solution that not only defends your property for the long-term but also contributes positively to the planet.

After years of research and experimentation, I uncovered a disruptor in the market that promises enduring protection.

The reason you haven't heard of it?

It disrupts the planned obsolescence strategy of the paint industry, where products are engineered to fail, ensuring repeat purchases.

Let me share this secret with you, a secret that has transformed the way I approach painting projects.

Say goodbye to overpaying for weak paint jobs that don't last and the hassle of preparing your property every few years.

Embrace a simple, defensive, long-term, and green solution that has a proven track record globally.

For over 30 years, I've provided these solutions to major clients, including commercial, industrial, government, and military installations.

Now, it's time to bring Green Coatings Encasement, game-changing solutions to all building owners and homeowners who seek lasting protection for their properties, the environment and for peace of mind.

Take action now, and break free from the repainting cycle for good.

Your wallet, your property, and the planet will thank you.

"Save money like it's your future, protect property like it's your legacy, and cherish the planet like it's your home." - George C. Keefe Environmentalist & Green Coating Enthusiast

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