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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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These three components are equal parts. Much like how a three-legged stool needs all three equal legs to be stable. The use of Green Coatings Encasement directly addresses all three – people, planet and profit.

First Leg: People

It is important to provide living environment that contributes to the overall well-being of people.

This is accomplished by encasing buildings with a green, secure, energy-efficient building envelope.

When green coatings encasement is properly applied, it can turn a toxic obsolete building into a green reconditioned property, effectively sealing out unwanted weather and successfully sealing in toxic contaminants.

Second Leg: Planet

Supporting the planet through environmental management entails helping stop pollution creation and resource depletion.

Green Coatings Encasement provides long-term solutions with at least a 20-year lifecycle and is simply renewed at the end of its service life.

This done by reapplying another coat, which will cross-link bond with the existing giving another 20 years of service.

The results? Never having to tear off a roof or demolish a building due to a worn-out surface or an end of service life.

Restoring buildings, including roofs, through Green Coatings Encasement will minimize and stop the generation, transportation and storage of unwanted waste and helps lower atmospheric CO2 levels of greenhouse gases.

Third Leg: Profit

When properly installed, Green Coatings Encasement will save money, thereby increases profits. This is also known as ecological economics or eco-economics.

Restoration and in-place management alone provides 50% to 75% savings on direct cost over removal and replacement of building components.

This cost savings can be much higher when dealing with hazardous materials and when indirect costs associated with building downtime and personnel and contents relocation fees come into play.

That same money saved is often better reinvested on large long-term earnings.

These green coatings also conform with Green seal GS – 11\GS – 03 and are defined as super compliant architectural coatings according to the VOC compliancy standards set forth by the Southern California Air Quality Management District.

So as the market is transforming towards sustainable design, Green Coatings Encasement can also help a contractors cater to clients who are working to achieve LEED certification for their buildings.

Not to mention that it can also create jobs in a rapidly expanding building sector.

There is also great energy and money savings realized in terms of energy efficiency.

Green coatings encasement using solar reflective coatings keep buildings cooler, requiring less energy in its daily operation. This is especially true on roofs.

Specific green coatings are engineered to sustain attacks from rain, wind, sun, ultraviolet rays, salt sea spray, and other elements that can cause breakdown.

With this technology, applied coatings stay functional over extended periods of time and hold up under harsh conditions for at least 20 years.

Such green coatings encasement outperforms typical paints that have a 3-7 year service/life cycle - saving on both material and labor cost, and even more when dealing with old roofs and hazardous materials.

With all these benefits, green coatings encasement gives the highest lifetime return on investment on the property.

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