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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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I’m presently in sweltering Port Isabelle, TX, which is right on the Gulf of Mexico.

The suns UV rays are blistering, temperatures are cooking hot, the humidity is high and the damaging winds consistently blow strong.

All these factors combine in a brutal assault on all building surfaces.

While in Port Isabelle, I’m doing 120,000 square feet of roof restoration on several buildings.

They are embracing the model of turning heat absorbing building surfaces into solar/heat reflective while saving time and money with GEI‘s (GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.) 20-year renewable roof system.

​All in line with the simple logic of “Why Replace? Just Encase!”

While the intense sun beats down on those building surfaces, the building components heats up and softens – the start of the degradation process.

Ultraviolet rays also contribute to the accelerated breakdown and deterioration of building components.

These factors, along with wicked winds whipping up the desert and beach sand hurling at buildings, cause natural sand blasting on all exterior building surfaces.

This natural sand blasting can tear up any surfaces, especially those that are only coated with typical paint.

Common paint is mostly for ascetics – the looks of a building and at very best a minimal, short term protection.

What is truly needed is a defensive GEI Win- Win, Green Coating Encasement - protecting buildings, the people in them and their contents.

All this and not generating any harmful waste that, if removed, would have to be transported and disposed of in a most often overflowing landfill.

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