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Friday, July 02, 2021

With summer comes the hottest weather around the planet and this hot weather is increasing worldwide. In the USA alone more than a 150 million people were under extreme heat threat a-crossed 30 States.

Last month’s statistics are now in and it is documented to be the hottest month on the planet ever put on record.

The scientific community agrees and is continuing to warn that accelerated global warming contributing to the increased sweltering temperatures and peak heat waves will continue to increase in duration and intensity.

Man-made surfaces and human activity play a part in heat generation along with the planet absorbing considerable amounts of that heat.

Did you know that dark surfaces greatly contribute to buildings pulling in heat? This leads to much more energy use and decreasing overall well-being of building occupants amounting to increased heat related illness and even death.

With this increasing hot weather and global warming comes the greater demand for energy used in cooling inside environments. This in turn creates more heat generation.

Some of the easiest ways to deal with keeping the inside of buildings cooler is to turn their outside surfaces light-colored and solar reflective, especially roofs.

This simple, proven solution can save on energy costs while also helping minimize heat absorption onto the planet and causing what is known as the heat island effect. This effect occurs in cities where energy consumption is higher and manmade surfaces pull down and absorb heat at greater amounts than in rural areas.

Two of the largest manmade surfaces that pull down the most heat into buildings and onto the planet in general are roofs and roads. They both contribute to the heat island effect.

Surfaces turned solar reflective are proven to reduce heat absorption. In the USA several states, counties and cities are turning both these surfaces, roof and roadways solar reflective, even to the point of mandating those actions.

Roofs can not only be simply turned solar reflective with a cheap paint but with the right industrial coating the roof can at the same time be sealed and waterproofed giving sustainable protection against leaks, breakdown from ultra violet rays and weather degradation while simply adding defensive protection against stronger weather events.

Another plus of coating and sealing your worn-out roof with the right product is that the old roofing material never needs to be torn off, generating waste that needs to be transported and stored in overflowing heat/CO2 generating, landfills.

Coating building exteriors and roofs with the right proven green product that is sustainable, renewable and solar reflective can save tremendous amounts of energy/money. In addition, it can greatly contribute to occupants well-being and overall that is what is best for people, buildings and the planet.

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