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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I think we all agree that it’s so important to minimize the spread of germs. That is one of the most significant and preventative measures we can take.

This entails being able to take contaminated surfaces and repeatedly scrub them down to clean and sanitize them. This needs to be accomplished without having those surfaces breakdown and need repair, or worse, need replacement.

What we learn from experience is to protect ourselves from outside contaminants. Contaminated surfaces especially need to be repeatedly washed down, scoured and sanitized with what are sometimes extremely harsh chemicals and abrasive methods. These procedures can prematurely breakdown surfaces, especially ones that are covered with typical, weak paints that are not designed to be abrasive resistant and unaffected by frequent wash downs.

Certain institutions and facilities need the ability to clean their walls and surfaces even more than typical homes and buildings and therefore require more and better protection. It can then be critical to quickly transform weak, susceptible, delicate surfaces into a tough, durable continuous membrane that can take a lot of wear and tear, being able to withstand persistent scrubbings and the test of time, which is key in providing a clean environment.

What do you need to transform those surfaces? One of the simplest ways of doing this is with the application of the right coating that can take overall long term abuse – a protective coating that is proven and tested to be truly scrubbable and sustainable. You need a coating with the capacity to continue to survive and endure under severe conditions for prolonged periods of time, durable, and scrub resistant so anyone can wash off any contaminants that may land on them.

Scrubbable coatings are deliberately designed to endure repeated abuse. They are made to hold up from a scientific toughness test proving they will not break down. The test involves moving a scrub brush back and forth multiple times that cross the same point of contact before breaking the coating film to show a high scrub count. Typical paints have a very low threshold for repeated scrubbing and are designed mostly for ascetics and not long-term abuse.

Scrubbable and Sustainability by GEI (GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.) coatings means they are designed and engineered to withstand the harshest weather and conditions over the test of time. They are able to sustain attacks from rain, wind, sun/ultra violet rays, salt sea spray and other elements that can break down a surface. They give outstanding long-term performance and stay functional over extended periods of time giving the highest lifetime Return on Investment. GEI coatings are engineered and designed to hold up under harsh conditions for at least 20 years. They far outperform retail latex paints that have 3-7 year paint cycles even under the best of conditions and not designed for overall protection or abuse.

The right green, protective coating strengthens the first line of defense of every building.

Every year millions of dollars are spent trying to eradicate surface problems that can harm people, damage or destroy property, which leads to expensive and time-consuming removal, replacement and renovation projects. These types of projects can be avoided by first evaluating the situation and then using the right protective, defensive green coating encasement system.

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