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Friday, December 08, 2023

I've always loved fixing up old buildings with green coatings, especially the more challenging ones with asbestos, lead based paint and water leaks.

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I've always loved fixing up old buildings with green coatings, especially the more challenging ones with asbestos, lead based paint and water leaks.

I have a passion for restoring these gems and sometimes to even better than when they were first built, especially the historically significant ones.

The older the buildings or structures the more likely they are to contain solid hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead-based paint and PCB’s, (PolyChlorinated Biphenyls).

That's why I always chose to use green coatings encasement that are designed for long term use in those specific situations.

Because many of these buildings do contain asbestos, lead based paint and other solid hazardous materials I became cross trained in handling those hazards.

This passion which is border line obsession has taken me all over the world to where I've been able to save older buildings, sharing my knowledge and skills with others of similar passions and with those that just want to restore a structure.

In a world where history meets innovation Global Encasement, Inc. (GEI) emerges as the superhero of historic preservation.

Unleashing their groundbreaking green coatings encasement, GEI not only saves cherished structures but also revolutionizes the way we protect our past.

Savings and Shielding: GEI's Superhero

Discover the superhero-like qualities of GEI's green coatings encasement as it transforms historic preservation.

This eco-friendly solution not only shields against wear, tear, and extreme weather but also unlocks unprecedented savings, reaching up to 90% compared to traditional preservation methods that don’t stand the test of time.

Dive into the cost-effective revolution that ensures robust protection without breaking the bank.

Preserving History, Protecting the Future: GEI's Meticulous Approach

Explore the meticulous steps GEI takes in historic building preservation, ensuring minimal disruption.

Uncover the preventive actions that protect both the environment and human health, maintaining the integrity of historic coatings.

Learn how GEI's thoughtful approach turns preservation into an art, safeguarding the past for a sustainable future.

Eco-Compliant Coatings: GEI's Commitment to Environmental Excellence

Delve into GEI's environmentally friendly coatings, surpassing building codes and environmental regulations.

These super-protective layers act as a shield for old buildings and the planet, offering a sustainable alternative that goes beyond mere compliance.

Explore how GEI's coatings are setting new standards in eco-compliance.

Preferred by Preservationists: GEI's Coatings for Sustainable Solutions

Step into the world of those dedicated to preserving history, and find out why preservationists choose GEI's coatings.

Discover the long-term, sustainable solutions that ensure the longevity of cherished structures, making GEI the top, popular choice for those committed to the art of preservation.

Demolition Dangers: Choosing Preservation Over Destruction

Knock down old buildings, and the consequences are severe.

Explore the environmental and health implications of demolition, understanding why choosing preservation over destruction is not only a better choice for our well-being but also for the planet.

GEI's coatings offer a sustainable alternative that saves both history and the environment.

Sustainable Construction: Building for the Future of Historic Preservation

Uncover the significance of sustainable construction practices in historic preservation.

Highlighting the responsible use of resources and waste minimization, GEI's approach goes beyond mere restoration—it becomes a testament to our sustainable principles.

Learn how building for the future can also be building for the environment.

Restoration as a Sustainable Belief: Beyond Preserving History

Saving old buildings isn't just about preserving history; it's about embodying a sustainable code.

Discover how restoration becomes an environmentally conscious alternative to the destructive act of demolition, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

GEI's green coatings encasement is not just a coating or composite system; it's a commitment to a greener, more resilient future.

“In the end, the character of a civilization is encased in its structures” Frank Gehry Canadian- American Architect

"Global Encasement Green, a coating serene,
Restoration and Preservation, a duo keen.
With a shield so grand, the past withstands,
A rhyme of time, in history's hand."

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