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Friday, November 10, 2023

Are you ready to embark on a journey through time and architectural marvels?

Discover how GEI (Global Encasement, Inc.) brought the historic Charles Broadway Rouss Building (555 Broadway, NYC) back to life with their innovative LeadLock ENCASEMENT System, alongside contractor P & H PAINTING, INC. (Formerly P&H Supply Co.) led by Howard L. Strauss.

This is the story and excellent example of another GEI Case History amongst hundreds of them, where the past meets the future, and preservation meets innovation.

I remember standing out on the scaffolding at least seven stories above Broadway believing what a great, long term LeadLock system was being applied to this New York City jewel and how it was going to restore and preserve this historic landmark, facing down the test of time and associated weather attacks.


In the heart of New York City's iconic Soho Cast Iron District stands the Charles Broadway Rouss Building, an 1889 historic landmark listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Designed by renowned architect Alfred Zucker, its intricate cast iron and stone façade has witnessed over a century of history.

However, by October 1995, time had taken its toll.

The decorative cast iron was deteriorating, and the Lead-Based Paint was weathered and damaged, calling for a restoration that would meet strict standards and regulations.

A Challenge Beyond Measure:

The challenge was clear – any restoration work had to satisfy the discerning New York City Landmarks Commission and undergo scrutiny from the State Historical Preservation Office.

Furthermore, the products used had to conform to NYC Buildings Dept. MEA Acceptance, comply with NYS Uniform Building Code #1120-5, pass ASTM E-1795 testing for Lead Base Paint on and in buildings and exterior weatherization performance.

A Unique Solution:

This is where GEI Global Encasement, Inc. stepped in, offering a revolutionary solution that would not disturb the delicate historic details nor create hazardous waste.

The LeadLock Encasement System was designed to meet all these requirements while providing a green, environmentally advanced solution.

The GEI Global Encasement, Inc. System:

The three-part system included a coat of R.I.P. ™ Rust-Inhibiting Primer to address any corrosion associated with the cast iron areas.

The second step called for a coat of PrepLESS Primer™ to re-intact all loose materials.

The final step was the application of the durable waterproofing LeadLock™ TopCoat, custom tinted to match five historic colors.

Restoration, Preservation and Innovation in Harmony:

The most remarkable feature of this system was that it saved time, money, and reduced lead dust exposure concerns, as the leaded paint was not disturbed during the process.

The products used were easy to apply, making the job efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible.

The same ENCASEMENT coatings are used to ENCASE asbestos, weatherproof buildings and restore roofs.

In the end, the client saved a staggering 80% over the cost of removal and repainting, not to mention the added allure of exterior flood lighting, transforming the Rouss Building into a spectacular and highly visible historic landmark, even at night.

Contractor P&H Painting, Inc. - The Driving Force:

Behind this incredible restoration project was the expert team of P&H Painting., led by Howard L. Strauss.

Their dedication, alongside GEI Global Encasement, Inc., brought life back to this New York City gem, making it a shining testament to the marvels of historic preservation and innovative solutions.

In conclusion, the Rouss Building's remarkable restoration journey is a testament to the power of preservation, innovation, and the genius of LeadLock Encasement System.

GEI Global Encasement, Inc. and their dedicated partner, P&H Painting Inc., have breathed new life into a piece of New York City's history, ensuring that its beauty will endure for generations to come.

This extraordinary story proves that the fusion of history and innovation can create wonders that awe and inspire.

“Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” Tom Freston - American Media Proprietor, Businessman, & Financier


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