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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Do You Know Why the Right Protective Green Coating Resembles our Largest Organ? The right protective coating can protect all parts of a building just like the skin protects all parts of a body. Both are the first line of defense and without them both our bodies and buildings would be naked eventually causing a complete breakdown. Our largest organ, the skin on the outside of our bodies protects our muscles, organs, bones and brain from infections, sunlight, temperature extremes and other threats. The same is true with the right coating that covers the outside of a building protecting occupants and the structure itself. It prevents the deterioration of interior building components such as heating and cooling apparatus, plumbing, electric and furnishings.

Our skin stretches as we grow and move and is extremely tough, durable and can take a lot of abuse. The skin is very resilient and can stand up to repeated washing and scrubbing. This is also true with the right protective coating that needs to move with the natural expansion and contraction of a building due to temperature changes from heat, cold and vibration. The coating also needs to be durable and scrub resistant to wash off any contaminants that may land on them.

The coatings of the past were durable and could take a lot of wear and tear and were produced and composed with what are now outmoded materials. However, they didn't expand and contract with a building's natural movement so when the building did move, the coating cracked and started to break down destroying the building's first line of defense. GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. (GEI) protective green coating can offer extreme durability and flexibility. It can also be sustainable with a long life that can be easily renewed so at the end of its life cycle it is simply reapplied, cross link bonding with itself to give another extended period of service. This prevents the tear off, generation, transportation and storage of unwanted waste in our already overflowing landfills.

A perfect example of sustainability is when a roof breaks down and starts to leak causing a multitude of problems that continue to grow until a remedy is put in place. What we did before and what some people are still being told to do is to tear off and replace a roof that starts to reach the end of its perceived life cycle. This is no longer true. The simple solution is to renew the existing roof with the right sustainable green coating. This also applies to the complete building envelope. The right coating can be used on all the exterior building surfaces at one time, creating a continuous, monolithic protective membrane over the entire structure

If the building's coating or roofing that protects it breaks down and fails prematurely, it can be costly to repair the structure and can contribute to other unhealthy situations such as SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) and BRI (Building Related Illness). Simply stopping the infiltration of the outside elements into the building can be easy and extremely cost effective.

Also cost effective is to choose the right coating in a light color that is solar reflective and can reflect the sun's rays, keeping the building cooler and using less energy than would be spent to air condition the interior space. The same coating can deflect sunlight from the earth. This in turn helps prevent global warming and climate change.

The coating on the outside of a building is the largest and single most important part of protecting a building - stopping its deterioration. If it is sustainable for up to at least twenty years and renewable it will protect a building from all the things that can break it down and cause it to become obsolete before its time. If the coating or building's skin is kept intact there is no telling how long a building can last. That's a major reason why it's so important to choose the right protective green coating that can give a building some good skin.

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