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Thursday, September 06, 2018

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I’m heartened as I globe trot meeting with more and more people that are becoming aware of the harmful effects human activity on the environment and how people can change their behavior to protect the planet instead of continuing to damage it.

I recently flew out of Jakarta, Indonesia where I had several important high-level meetings with some of the larger building contractors in the city.

Our discussions kept drifting back to the current state of the environment and climate change - shifting weather patterns that were affecting the growing seasons in Indonesia and, in return, crop production.

In the past, there was a set pattern of a rainy season followed by a growing season. All of that has changed in recent years.

Human activity backed up with the science was discussed and how we could start to do our part to reverse the ill effects of our actions.

We all agreed that climate change and the impact human activity on the planet were important topics pertaining to environmental issues.

Dumping tons of CO2 into the atmosphere by man, which is causing and contributing to much of the problem, can also be mitigated by people’s actions.

And the question asked was: how do our environmentally-friendly coatings help protect the planet?

Here are 10 great ways the use of GEI (GLOBAL Encasement, Inc.) GREEN Coatings Encasement can help alleviate some of the challenges on the environment

1. Coatings with Zero to Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) - No Toxic Material Released into the Environment While the Coatings Cure.

2. Non-Toxic Ingredients -
No Harmful Content or Side Effects to the Environment or People.

3. Biodegradable – Coatings Breakdown and Decay Naturally in a Way That is Not Harmful to the Environment.

4. Do Not Support Combustion & Nothing Toxic Released if In a Fire.

5. Recycling Building Components - Restoration Instead of Removal & Replacement means Less Natural Resources are Needed, Used and Wasted.

6. No Waste Generation, Transportation & Storage. - No CO2 Emissions Coming from Decaying Waste.

7. Saving Energy - by Turning Surfaces Solar Reflective, Defending against Degrading UV Attack While Keeping Insides Cooler & Sealing Energy Leaks.

8. Sustainable - Withstand the Test of Time Against Natural & Manmade Elements, thereby Protecting Against Removal & Replacement.

9. Renewable – Never Needing Removal & Replacement means Less Natural Resources & Fossil Fuel needed.

10. Prevent Releases of Hazardous Material Into The Environment - such as Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, PCBs, Toxic Ash & Debris.

What are your questions?

We are always here to help and excited to answer them.

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