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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

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A sustainable building is one that is resistant to increasingly stronger storms, wind, sand, hail along with attacks from chemicals, UV rays and all types of substances that abuse, impact and prematurely age surfaces.

To keep those same buildings standing and in service over long periods of time, the outside surfaces need to be defensively protected with coatings that are storm, age and overall weather-resistant.

A building maintained and kept in service is all around less expensive on the planet and on the pocketbook.

Removal and replacement, and building demolition generate large amounts of unwanted and expensive waste that needs to be transported and stored.

The breakdown of that same wastereleases massive amounts of CO2 emissions/green house gases that contribute to global warming/climate change.

In addition to that, large amounts of precious natural resources become necessary to substitute demolished buildings with new ones and extensive energy is required to manufacture and produce the building materials.

As we are faced with even more limited natural resources, there is a necessity to conserve along with saving time and lessening energy use.

Even abandoned buildings and those facing environmental challenges, such as containing asbestos, lead-based paint, PCBs and roof leaks, can be turned green with far less cost than demolition and replacement.

Saving on time, money and natural resources than a total building swap.

How do we turn them green? What can be a better way than to use solar reflecting coatings that save on time and money by sealing in building components including hazardous ones?

This can help stop energy loss through leaks and the unnecessary absorption of excessive heat from the sun, especially on roofing.

I firmly believe that all buildings need to be sustainable and resistant to the increasing onslaught of wicked weather.

There is a demand for buildings to be preserved and reinforced by simply applying protective, defensive coatings that make susceptible properties storm resistant and sustainable.

These same coatings are also used to enhance the looks/ascetics of buildings while providing exceptional protection.

Based on experience, it is far less expensive to protect, repair and restore a building then to fully replace it. That’s why buildings that are protected and older ones are restored are the greenest ones.

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