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Monday, April 29, 2024

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Last year, an astonishing 42,000+ young people raced to express interest in the brand new American Climate Corps (ACC) program within just a few weeks.

The staggering level of enthusiasm shows that youth are fired up about opportunities to protect the planet and people from climate change.

The first ACC members will begin their paid national service jobs this June.

And thanks to a partnership with TradesFutures, they'll have access to training for skilled trades tied to sustainability like green construction.

One booming area that ACC corps members could get hands-on experience in?

Applying specialized coatings that encase existing buildings to make them more energy efficient and resilient against climate impacts.

The Coating Solution Protecting Buildings & The Planet

As extreme weather intensifies due to global warming, reinforcing and insulating our building stock has become an urgent need.
Traditional construction techniques are too slow, costly and generate too much waste.

That's where the new opportunity with the right green coatings come in.

These liquid-applied membranes can be sprayed and applied onto virtually any exterior surface to serve as a weatherproofing, insulating, and structural reinforcement layer in quick applications.

The right green coatings are Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Class A-Fire Rated with Zero to Low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and once cured, form a powerful, long-lasting, renewable shell around buildings.

This superior exterior encasement guards against water, wind, heat, mold, impact and other hazards originating from intensifying climate change.

Crucially, the coatings prevent indoor air from escaping while blocking outdoor temperature transfer.

The right green coatings are solar reflective and create indoor passive cooling.

Which reduces the need for energy draining mechanical cooling devices and systems.

This combination of air sealing and insulation boosts energy efficiency by 30-50% on average, drastically reducing utility bills and emissions harming the environment.

Greening Our Building Stock Requires People Power

While the right green coatings are advanced technology, properly applying them relies on simple application tools and easily trained labor.

There's immense need to swiftly upgrade millions of buildings, homes and assets nationwide.

That's where programs like the American Climate Corps can make a massive difference.

To Sum It Up:

By training and mobilizing the next generation to aid in building resilience efforts, it creates good jobs in communities across the country.

Corps members would learn how to operate commercial spray rigs and use other simple application tools to properly apply the coatings on all types of surfaces.

With the right skills and certifications, these workers can defensively protect countless buildings and the environment while future-proofing their own careers.

By providing pathways into rewarding green trades, the ACC helps youth find purpose through national service.

It's shaping up to become a win-win-win for employment, climate action, fortifying our buildings and housing stock against growing risks.

The staggering interest from over 42,000 young applicants underscores that bold climate initiatives resonate deeply.

As the need for resilience workers only continues growing, the right green coatings represent a crucial new opportunity to rev up both sustainability and job creation nationwide.

“Without environmental sustainability, economic stability and social cohesion cannot be achieved.” - Phil Harding - British Field Archaeologist

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